Keith Academy - Lowell, MA

Keith WWII Memorial moved to new location

LOWELL (circa 1970)  - Keith Academy may be closed but its memory will live on. The graduates of Keith Academy will forever be part of Lowell's history and the graduates of Keith who gave their lives during the World, War 11 will always be honored and remembered.

After World War II, a memorial monument bearing the names of all the graduates of Keith who lost their lives during the Second World War was erected by the Keith Alumni. The 4000-pound solid granite stone was then set in front of the school.

Now that Keith has been closed the monument has been moved to a new location. It now stands in the Rock Garden near the chapel in St., Patrick's Cemetery. In the background is the American Flag the symbol of liberty which those whose names are listed gave their lives

Under the direction of Msgr. Raymond Hyder, former business manager at Keith Academy, and present director at St. Patrick's Cemetery, the massive stone was moved to it's new location.

The huge gray stone now will recall through eternity the memory of those graduates who gave their lives for this country.