This section is designed to help in your genealogy research. Burial Listings from 1895 thru the current year are provided.  Records from 1832 to 1894 at St. Patrick Cemetery are incomplete and are not available online at this point in time. (Read the brief history section of this web site for the historical reasons.)  We have also included information about Lowell, Massachusetts area Cemeteries and Funeral Directors to assist you in your search..
Genealogy Burial Listings from 1895 thru 2011
To view a Genealogy Burial Listings click on first letter of the last name that you are looking for. The listing will open in a new window on your computer. The Listings are PDF (Portable Document Format) format files and require that Adobe Acrobat reader be installed on your computer. (Most computers have this already installed.)  If Acrobat is not installed on your computer go to www.adobe.com and download and install the free Acrobat Reader program.

Genealogy Burial Listings will be updated from time to time.  

Click on the first letter of the "last"  name to open a Burial Listing Report in a new window.

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Genealogy Burial Listing Usage Notes:

a. You may search for a name within the Burial Listing PDF file by clicking on the "binocular" icon.  In the newer versions of  Adobe Acrobat Reader click the Acrobat Symbol at the right of the popup task bar to open the Acrobat Toolbar which will then show the "binocular" icon.
b. The listings may be printed in whole or in part from Acrobat Reader on your printer. 

c. You may also save the Genealogy Burial Listing file(s) on your computer from within Acrobat Reader.

d. You may select text information from the listings using Acrobat Reader's Text Tool  then copy and paste the information into one of your own documents or files

Call, write or email  Saint Patrick Cemetery for further information on persons buried in St. Patrick Cemetery.

(978) 458-8464 

Mailing Address:
St. Patrick Cemetery
1251 Gorham Street
Lowell, MA 01852

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Lowell, Massachusetts Area Cemeteries 
If you are looking for genealogical information on persons buried in the Lowell, Massachusetts area you may wish to contact other local cemeteries for information.  Click on the links to open cemetery web pages in a new window.

Chelmsford, MA Cemeteries - Fairview - Forefathers Burying Ground - Heart Pond - Pine Ridge - Riverside - West Chelmsford - (978) 250 5245

City of Lowell MA Cemeteries - Edson - Westlawn - Old English
(call Lowell City Hall to be connected)  - (978) 970 3323

Holy Trinity Cemetery - Lowell, MA - (978) 452 2564

Lowell Cemetery - Lowell, MA - Private Cemetery - (978) 454 5191

St. Joseph Cemetery - Chelmsford, MA - (978) 458 4851

St. Mary Cemetery - Tewksbury, MA - (978) 851 2248


Listing of Lowell Ma Area Funeral Homes 

IMortuary Listing of Lowell Funeral Homes