The following charges for cemetery services are in effect October 1, 2016 at St. Patrick Cemetery and are subject to change without notice.

*Lawn Crypt Opening  950.00
Adult Opening - Chapel  1250.00
Adult Opening - Graveside (Summer)  1250.00
Adult Opening - Graveside (Winter)  1550.00
Child Opening - (one to eight years)  100.00
Infant Opening - (Private Lot)  NO CHARGE
Infant Opening - (St. Vincent Lot)  NO CHARGE

Use of Canopy - (Summer Only)  300.00
*Concrete Burial Unit (30")  560.00

Saturday & Holiday Overtime 500.00
(after 1:00 PM an additional charge of 300.00 applies)

Vault Service Charge  300.00
Above Ground Vault Service   200.00
*Extra Charge for Double Deep Opening  1000.00
Burial of Cremated Remains  550.00
Cremation Burial Unit  150.00
Cremation Opening Overtime (Saturday & Holiday)  300.00
Additional Space for Cremation (Private Lot)  500.00

When arrangements are made with a family and they wish to purchase a lot, we ask that you call the cemetery office (978) 458-8464 and arrange an appointment for them. Financial arrangements for new lot sales will be handled directly with the family.

Cemetery charges for grave openings and container/lawn crypts are due and payable to the cemetery the morning of the funeral, unless charged to the funeral director's account. Cemetery charges billed to the funeral director's account are due and payable to the cemetery in 10 days

The cemetery is closed for burials on celebrated Holy Days of obligation and the following holidays:            

New Year's Day Martin Luther King Day Presidents' Day
Good Friday Patriots day Memorial Day
Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day
Veterans Day Thanksgiving and Day After Christmas Day